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BestSync 2008

Synchronize files among your PC, FTP servers and removable media, and backup the updated files
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20 November 2007

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Do you work on multiple computers on a network or do you have multiple users changing data in a file stored on many computers on your pc network? Do you want an easy way to synchronize all that data? Try BestSync 2008.

BestSync has an extremely easy-to-use and user-friendly interface. The main toolbar gives you icons for Start, Stop, Preview, Set Timer, etc. The software lets you take backups of open or locked files, protect your data by compressing or encrypting it, secure files against possible corruption, support a FTP proxy server to synchronize files behind firewall, and many more. This software will help you synchronize files between multiple computers by storing the file as part of the network storage or by using a FTP server, shared folders, or USB removable drives. Further, this software lets you take automatic back-ups, either scheduled ones or in real time, of your critical data on an external hard disk, a FTP server, or the network storage. The real-time file synchronization button updates all instances of the file every time a change is made on the file. Bestsync also makes transfer of large files in an unstable network hassle-free by allowing for the transfer to take place in parts, which lets the file transfer resume from the last breakpoint whenever the transfer is interrupted and then resumes. Yes, you no longer need to resume the entire file transfer.

Moreover, since this software can run as just about any Windows service, users do not need to log on to the program every time they start the computer. Hence, BestSync 2008 is indeed the best solution to put all your file synchronization worries at rest. All in all, because of the software’s real-time sync function and the facilitation of large file transfers provided by this software, we would give this a 4.0 on a scale of 5.0.

Publisher's description

BestSync 2008 is a professional utility for following solutions: 1. Keep files being the same between PCs by utilizing network storage, shared folder, FTP server, USB removable media etc. 2. Backup your critical files to the external hard disk, network storage, FTP server etc automatically by schedule or in real-time. Old versions are managed in backup folders, and can be restored later easily. BestSync 2008 has an easy to use interface and provides following advanced features: 1.Copy opened/locked file, be capable of backup database etc. 2.Secure your data by compression and encryption. 3.Prevent file from being corrupted at any occasion. 4.Resume transfer file from last breakpoint to copy large file in unstable network. 5.Support FTP proxy server to sync files behind the file wall. 6.Run as Windows Service, no user is needed to logon. 7.Real-time sync function to copy files immediately after change. 8.Flexible schedule to sync or backup file automatically.
BestSync 2008
BestSync 2008
Version Ver3.4.05
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